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:-) or :)The classic smiley msn emoticon.
:-D or :dA wide smile, teeth showing emoticon.
:-O or :oA surprised emoticon, omg (oh my god)
:-P or :pTongue out emoticon, a razzing emoticon
;-) or ;)Animated Wink emoticon.
:-( or :(Sad emoticon.
:-S or :sConfused emoticon.
:-| or :|Disappointed emoticon.
:'(Animated Crying or weeping emoticon.
:-$ or :$Embarrassed emoticon.
(H) or (h)Cool emoticon. Wearing shades or sunglasses.
:-@ or :@Angry (red faced) emoticon
(A) or (a)An angel emoticon, wearing a halo.
(6)Devil emoticon, red with two horns and a wicked grin.
:-#Emoticon with a zipper for a mouth. Signifies silence
8o|Emoticon baring teeth, angry.
8-|Emoticon with glasses. Looks a lot like Bob.
^o)Sarcastic emoticon. Taken with a grain of salt.
:-*Tell a friend emoticon.
+o(A Sick (yellow green) emoticon.
:^)Animated puzzled emoticon.
*-)Animated thinking emoticon.
<:o)Animated party emoticon.
8-)Animated rolling eyes emoticon.
|-)Animated sleepy, yawning emoticon.
(C) or (c)Coffee cup icon.
(Y) or (y)Thumbs up icon.
(N) or (n)Thumbs down icon.
(B) or (b)Beer mug icon.
(D) or (d)Martini glass with an olive icon.
(X) or (x)Tiny stick figure like image of a girl icon.
(Z) or (z)Tiny stick figure like image of a boy icon.
({)White dude in green sweater with arms outstretched. Left hug.
(})Black girl in blue sweater with arms outstretched. Right hug.
:-[ or :[Animated Vampire bat emoticon.
(^)Animated Birthday cake with 3 candles.
(L) or (l)Red heart icon.
(U) or (u)Broken heart icon.
(K) or (k)Red lips icon. A kiss emoticon.
(G) or (g)Gift or present with a bow icon.
(F) or (f)Red rose icon.
(W) or (w)Wilted rose icon.
(P) or (p)Camera icon.
(~)Filmstrip icon.
(@)Cat face icon.
(&)Dog face icon.
(T) or (t)Telephone receiver icon.
(I) or (i)Light bulb icon.
(8)A musical note emoticon.
(S)A half-moon with smiling face. Time for bed emoticon.
(*)Star icon.
(E) or (e)E-mail, open mail icon.
(O) or (o)Clock icon.
(M) or (m)MSN Messenger icon.
(sn)Snail emoticon.
(bah)Black Sheep emoticon.
(pl)A Plate with fork and knife emoticon.
(||)A rice bowl with two chopsticks emoticon.
(pi)Pizza emoticon.
(so)Soccer ball emoticon.
(au)Auto, red car emoticon.
(ap)Airplane emoticon.
(um)Umbrella emoticon.
(ip)Island with a 2 palm trees emoticon.
(co)Computer emoticon.
(mp)Mobile Phone or cell phone emoticon.
(st)Stormy cloud. Cloud with rain drops.
(li)Animated Lightning. Cloud with two lighting bolts.
(mo)Money or my 2 cents emoticon.

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